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As a commercial brand created by {company_name} Group ({company_name} Global Enterprises), {company_name} is devoted to providing all-round financial investment opportunities for our increasingly growing base of worldwide customers. {company_name} always takes understanding and meeting customer demands as a priority. With {company_name}, our customers can not only handle transactions and investments in various foreign currencies on the platform, but can also invest in CFD for a series of worldwide commodity futures, such as gold, silver, crude oil, and stock market indices. Utilizing the systems {company_name} offers, our customers become a comprehensive participant in the worldwide financial investment market.

Group development

{company_name} Global, with head offices in the HK, is a leading provider of financial services. {company_name} has long been committed for nearly 10 years to providing financial investment services to wholesale customers around the world. With the rapid development of the global financial market, {company_name} business landscape is constantly expanding around the world. In 2015, {company_name} entered the Asia-Pacific market, and currently has business offices all over the world including in UK, Hong Kong, and Japan. Nowadays, {company_name} provides customers with the best possible investment opportunities available in the financial market, offering the highest quality services in the areas of foreign exchange, Contract for Differences trading, corporate finance, and insurance brokerage. {company_name} strongly adheres to an honorable and professional attitude to serve every customer, in order to fully meet the customer's investment needs, and to provide quality solutions for any needs that may arise.

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